About Us

Welcome to Madison Park's Irish Pub & Restaurant.  Our hope is to give locals, visitors and families alike, a fun place to get a good meal at a good price.  With our four flat screen TVs showing games there is the pub feel and the full bar serving wine, beer and liquor.


Our menu includes standard pub fare; salads, sandwiches, pizzas and a growing entree list. 

Take a look at our menu, and come visit us.  

We look forward to seeing you all down on the patio for a sunny day!



To give locals and visitors alike, a good meal at a good price in a fun environment.

Customer Reviews

"My boyfriend loves the place, but I suspect it's because he's corn-fed and could live off meat, carbs, and beer alone. " -- Diana, Seattle

"Great outdoor seating.  It's worth it for that and the Irish whiskey alone." -- Tamara, Seattle

4234 E. Madison, Seattle, WA | 206-325-0834

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